I survived, some how I survived…

Do you ever wonder how you survived? Well there is no easy way out. Who can be trusted,and who can be left to trust when you survive.I have no clue I guess it’s like the song artist who wrote “Just my imagination” running away…Perhaps surving was something like the movie titled The grate Debate. I like to think we should live our lives out making each experience personal. Only then are we being honest with ourselves and not make excuses or blame others. We then can become the master mind of a great debater! So maybe this is how we truly survive. Survival came from our purpose and drive! If you like please leave a comment and follow me as I am looking back at you. Have a wonderful day and remember 1fear. Biz it’s pointing back at you. HONE..means to sharpen your own ability;s the strength is inside of you. Stay in touch!


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