What is your mental name plate

If you could order your own mental license plate free of charge what would your name be? I ask this question because most people with personalized licenced plate will purchase something creative that they want to express. Even people with funny thoughts will display saying of how they feel when are around others.However I would like to know if given the choice to purchase a saying or name plate that would convey who that inner person trully is, what would it read? Would you have to change it daily, hourly, weekly,monthly, or yearly? I’m asking this question because who we are in publich should complimate who we are in private places. I watched the Windy Williams talk show late one night as she spoke about the lovely designer Ms.Jessica Simpson. Her topic was about people being veiwed by what they do for a living and that when they go home or in privacy that is not who they are. Well I must agree 100% her statement. I couldn’t not imgine Wendy at home with her husband talking in her televison voice, asking him or here children “how you doing”? That is part of the person she is to her family because it is her creative work personality.Now could Jessica Simpson get back into Reality tv as it is today with the same imanage she left the world with? No way she would fit in. If she acted out at home the way reality tv would portray her now then her lovely personal imagine would be tainted and possiably destroy her marriage. So my question is about the mental licensce plate message your displaying.Is this it your stage identity or your divine persons message that you want the drivers behind you to know about your charector. Christ paid the price and he is the creator of each unique person so live,love,laugh and allow your mental plate to become a part of the total person of who you are! Taking responsibility allows you freedom to be able to do what you do. My dear mother left me with those same words..”daughter just do what you do” is what she would tell me over and over. As I seemed to always apologizes after I would make my point about someting while talking to people. Courage plays a hugh part in ones true self, when making statments or sharing a inner thought. Were all actors and actresses on stage playing out our life. While at home or work please know its called life. Maturity and creativity develops to its greates level when you are true to yourself in mind,body and spirit. Spend more time with all of yourself and allow you to be free. Learn your why,who and what you are. Then share it so those that are in your space can be free too.